Congrats on Your Inaugural Year, AIGA Louisville!

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In December AIGA Louisville celebrated their inaugural year with a design competition: The Show 2014. I was honored to be their keynote speaker. My first reaction to the invitation: “What a great opportunity for a participatory project!” While I shared examples from the field and tips for starting participatory projects, attendees worked assembly-line style to filled up letter outlines with content in three minute intervals. Thanks AIGA Louisville for a chance to share in your celebration and Louisville’s fantastic design scene!


See and share the finished letterforms below. Scroll down to access vector versions. The Louisville letterforms are licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License. In other words, you may use these letterforms for non-commercial purposes as long as you attribute the creators.


Download Vector Files: 


Identify the co-creators for each letter: Louisville_attribution

Creative Commons License
Out of My Hands Louisville by Helen Armstrong is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

[Photos from the event to come]

Photography by Jaclyn Mullin